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Toyota RAV4

The compact crossover RAV4 is one of the most important models for Toyota. This is not only one of the segment leaders, but also the real volume-maker - a car that reaches the highest volume of sales. More surprising, the car was subjected to serious criticism on the part of owners; restyling is to eliminate its causes. While working on an updated vehicle, the designers have tried to make it a more urban and less brutal. Therefore, the front bumper has fewer unpainted plastic, but the headlights and radiator grille became narrower. The length of RAV4 is added by 35 mm due to the new bumpers. For more specifications read the following Toyota RAV4 Review.

Exterior and Interior

The rear part of the RAV4 has repeatedly been criticized by clients for large sheet metal area without any relief. The problem was solved by pimple on the fifth door and a different bumper.

The interior changes, at first glance, are little. The main innovation is a dashboard, where instead of a round dial and two quarters on each side there is a more traditional solution now: the large speedometer and tachometer dials with 4.2-inch display in the middle. In addition to standard information it displays graphic picture of torque distribution between the axles. The interior trim materials are improved and leather on the steering wheel has become better. Among other innovations: the larger cup holder and the dashboard, which has become conservative. The rear bench is adjusted by the angle of inclination, as there is no way to move it back and forth; still it is heated and the passengers have 12-volt outlet in their disposal.

Technical Characteristics

Together with altered appearance and retargeted suspension Toyota RAV4 received an expanded list of options. Now the crossover is available with LED headlights and taillights, active cruise control, driver information system and the recognition of road signs, warning system about the threat of a frontal collision, all-sky cameras.

However, major changes lie not outside and not in the cabin but under the hood of the crossover. The driving performance of RAV4 was criticized by the clients the most. The engineers, when creating a fourth-generation RAV4, decided to sacrifice smoothness for handling. As a result, the vehicle was too rough, which together with the traditional for Toyota noise level made it uncomfortable. At the same time, the RAV4 has been perhaps the most dynamic car in the lineup, except coupe GT86. Therefore, in the course of updating the engineers had to make the car more comfortable, while not killing its naughty (by the standards of Toyota) temperament.

Naturally, first of all they added softer springs and dampers. But if these things stayed without changes, the RAV4 would become a crank “barge”. Therefore, the body has been strengthened as much as possible in the course of restyling.


The motor lineup has not changed - the RAV4 is available with two petrol and one diesel engine. Diesel 2.2 liter (150 hp, 340 Nm) and senior petrol engine of 2.5 liters (180 hp, 233 Nm) is available exclusively with all-wheel drive and six-speed hydromechanical automatic. But the vehicle with the base gasoline engine 2.0-liter (146 hp, 187 Nm) can be front or all-wheel drive with six-speed mechanics or a variator. Moreover, both types of drive gears are combined with both types of transmission.

Toyota crossover has preserved the main thing - interesting manageability. Of course, the reaction force on the steering wheel is not as rich as that of Volkswagen Tiguan or Mazda CX-5, but the reaction to its turns is precise, the lurches are small, and the steering wheel is securely isolated from the effects of road irregularities.


Toyota is reliable, and focused primarily on comfort, and it is encouraging that the car is pleasant to drive even on a twisted serpentine. Moreover, the comfort is clearly increased. Unfortunately, some deficiencies were not corrected: the rear bench is still not regulated in length, multimedia display system is small and not modern, its graphics is primitive and the system periodically freezes when attempting to connect one or another external device. Yet these shortcomings are unlikely to discourage customers’ desire to buy Toyota; moreover, the prices are not increased.

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