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Volkswagen is a German automobile company, a compound of Volkswagen AG, which is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony.

The 24/7 Wall St. website made a list of ten best-selling cars of all time. Three Volkswagen cars – the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Passat, and the Volkswagen Beetle – that have been still produced are on the list. There are more Volkswagen autos here than of any other automaker.

Pre-war Days

Adolf Hitler, who already ruled the country in 1930s, had in mind to construct limited access highways and autobahns networks throughout the country. At that time, cars on the roads were uncommon not only because there were a few of them. An average German couldn’t afford to buy such an expensive thing. Such a state of affairs prompted Hitler to mass produce passenger cars meant for two adults and three children. Still, the main idea was to construct autos that would be in people’s price range. Hitler asked Ferdinand Porsche to bring the idea to life.

May 28, 1937, the Gesellshaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH company, known as Volkswagenwerk GmbH in a year, was established. 70,000 people attended a historical event when Hitler announced the beginning of the plant construction. Wolfsburg is a town especially built for those who worked at the Volkswagen plant.

However, by the time the building was completed, the WWII began. Not a single Volkswagen car, called KdF (“Kraft durch Freude” meaning “Strength through joy”), managed to be produced there before the plant switched to military vehicles and equipment making for the needs of the German Army.

After the War

When the war ended, Wolfsburg found itself in the British occupation zone. Renewal of the German industry began with the Volkswagen plant reconstruction. Only then, the first Beetle was launched. Notwithstanding the cars’ availability, they had a bad sale abroad. The reason for this was a small size and unusual shape as well as the history of its designing. However, an elaborate advertising campaign did its part. Just to present the car’s disadvantages as distinct advantages was needed. As a result, the Volkswagen Beetle became the best-selling imported auto in the USA during the next several years. The Beetle was made from 1938 till 2003. There are 21,529,464 autos of this model manufactured.

In the 1960s, the Volkswagen Company acquired the Auto Union (Audi), which came in handy later, in 1970s, when the automaker was in extreme need of modernized models. Volkswagen adopted water-cooled engines and front-wheel drive technology from it. Consequently, the first Golf was turned out in 1974, which was an instant hit, alongside with the Scirocco. In 1976, the Polo was delivered. In order to gain new experience that would be valuable for their old models update as well as new ones development, Volkswagen amalgamated with Seat and Skoda in 1990s. Today, the company’s line-up includes saloons (Jetta, Passat), coupes (CC), hatches (Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R), SUVs (Touareg, Tiguan), estate cars (Golf SportWagon), minivans (Touran, Caddy), etc.

Environment Protection

Volkswagen doesn’t stay on the sidelines when it comes to the environment protection. The company works on the ways of minimizing fuel consumption to save natural resources and clean air. The invention of the Jetta Turbocharged Hybrid proves it. Behind its wheel, a driver has a choice which engine to use – electric or gasoline, or both.

Hybrid cars aren’t the only eco-conscious innovation they have ended up with so far. It’s a part of their Think Blue initiative that’s aimed to educate people about the ways of saving the ecology each of them can contribute to and the necessity to form fuel-efficient driving habits. The Think Blue initiative encompasses such projects as DSG, TDI and TSI engines, Start-Stop technology, regenerative braking, low-resistance tires, and aerodynamic kits that can improve our planet.

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