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Volvo V40

The five-door hatchback Volvo V40, as it is positioned by a Swedish company, began to be produced in 2012. It came to replace several vehicles from “Volvo” lineup: the V50 wagon, sedan S40 and coupe C30 - and continues the ideas of ​​the company, first introduced in the crossover XC60. The car is available in two versions: a conventional hatchback and off-road version the Cross Country. Volvo V40 is a conventional hatchback, and the Cross Country version resembles a cross between a station wagon and a crossover.

Although, there are not so much of changes; from the first it borrowed only a higher ground clearance (145 mm), from the second - the name, as the index V traditionally means a wagon body. By the size of the boot and interior Volvo V40 Cross Country resembles an ordinary hatchback, which will be described in Volvo V40 Review.

Technical Characteristics

Hatchback includes the best of the previous development of the company. It is built on a platform Ford C1, which was the basis for his predecessor - S40. Volvo V40 length - 4370 mm, width - 1783 mm, height - 1420mm. Version Cross Country is slightly higher - 1458 mm.

Vehicle Suspension is traditionally independent combined MacPherson and multi-link. However, it is too rigidly tuned for the Swedish brand, allowing experiencing inner unevenness of country road. But Volvo V40 is designed for driving on a perfect road surface.


V40 is available with petrol engines of 1.6 liter, 2.0 liter and 2.5 liter, and diesel 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter. The engine works smoothly, without unnecessary noise. The car is available only with front-wheel drive, but the gearbox has a lot more options. There are three kinds of 6-speed transmissions: automatic, mechanical and robotic.

Hatchback is different with economical fuel consumption. The petrol engine of 1.6 liters consumes 6.8 l / 100 km of fuel in the city and 5.6 l on the highway; diesel shows the similar rates. The lowest rate in the motor with the robotized gearbox: 4.4 l and 3.6 liters respectively. The greatest appetite has 2.5-liter engine (11.3 and 6.8 liters of gasoline). This engine shows the highest speed performance: acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds and a maximum acceleration of 250 km / h.

Trim Levels

Volvo V40 hatchback is available in three trim levels: Momentum (which is considered the base), Ocean Race Edition and Summum. Among the standard features of the vehicle offered in the basic version, there is power steering with height adjustment, climate control column, heated seats, on-board computer with graphic display, audio, cloth upholstery and fog lights. Additionally, you can set a panoramic roof or telephone in the cabin with hands free system. Other versions are available with leather upholstery and support for Apple smartphones.


Much attention is paid to safety in the Volvo V40. In addition to traditional ESP and ABS systems, the hatchback is equipped with adaptive cruise control, the system of the road signs reading, the control of dead zones in the city and useful novelty City Safety, which provides timely braking of the car. Also, the vehicle is equipped with intelligent lighting and parking assistance. To help the driver it is able to control the lane, avoiding the exit to the contra-flow lane. For pedestrian safety there is another novelty of Volvo developers: built-in airbag in the hood, which opens in a collision and covers the windshield.

The vehicle is designed to carry five people. Volvo V40 markets are Europe, North America and Asia; for this the assembly of the car is established at two plants: in Belgium and Malaysia.

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