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BMW Unveils an Own-Produced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

BMW Unveils an Own-Produced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

BMW isn’t going to cease own production of environmentally friendly vehicles with the i3 battery-powered model (2013) under its belt. On the contrary, the automaker aims at designing more green cars in the nearest future. A car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, built in cooperation with Toyota, will be tested on public roads this month.

July 1, 2015, in Miramas, a 5-series Gran Turismo prototype was unveiled. The car, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell developed by joint efforts of BMW and Toyota, marks the start of fulfilling a multimillion-dollar plan of developing alt-fuel vehicles and reducing emissions rate. The Gran Turismo’s advantages are obvious: it can travel three times as much as the i3 on a single tank (500 km and 160 km respectively) and doesn’t need to be recharged during 5 hours or so – 5 minutes and it’s done.

Fuel cells, built up in vehicles, let convert chemical energy in electric power with the help of hydrogen and oxygen. In the course of the reaction, water vapour, not carbon dioxide, is emitted. This feature makes such a car much more valuable than an ordinary one. Although not everybody realizes it today, later it must be a decisive point.

BMW shared its intentions to produce a customer-ready hydrogen car around 2020. The automaker also hopes that by 2030, fuel cell vehicles will become a standard practice. However, to make it happen, some challenges must be overcome. The most urgent of them is creating the refuelling infrastructure.

BMW conducts negotiations not only with other automakers but with governments as well on contributing to set up a refuelling network for hydrogen vehicles. So far, Toyota and Honda gave their consent to invest in the project.

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