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Ford Is Halfway To Producing a Driverless Car

Ford Is Halfway To Producing a Driverless Car

Sensors, radars, and cameras have become essential parts of modern vehicles. With their help, a driver gets much more information on their current position in the traffic that’s often impossible to get through standard elements such as rear- and side-view mirrors. Thanks to this equipment, it’s possible to avoid forward collision, be aware what vehicles are in your blind spots, park safely, etc.

The technological progress goes even further: today, many automakers work on building self-driving vehicles, which won’t require hands on a steering wheel as well as feet on pedals. Ford isn’t an exception. Striving to become a leader in the autonomous vehicles sphere, the automaker has announced entering a new stage towards it – advanced engineering programs development.

Randy Visintainer, former director of product development quality at Ford, is appointed as director of autonomous vehicle development. His team’s task is to invent more driver-assist gadgets and programs to make roads safer. Ford CEO Mark Fields shared suppositions when to expect a fully autonomous vehicle constructed – presumably, by 2020.

Ford already has a few innovative safety technologies for its next models such as pedestrian safety technology (the system stops a vehicle if it detects a pedestrian in dangerous proximity to the car), pre-collision avoidance system, a split-view camera (enables a driver to see around corners when going slowly), and surround view cameras (provide a bird’s-eye view of a car).

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