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Human Life Neglect: Vehicles in India Are Deprived Of Basic Safety Features

Human Life Neglect: Vehicles in India Are Deprived Of Basic Safety Features

During decades, vehicles produced for India have been equipped with the most essential safety and comfort features at best. At worst, passengers haven’t been provided with any at all. Such an approach reduces cars’ price so that people of different social status can afford them. Relatively cheap vehicles sold to millions of Indians yield a large profit to automakers. Really, however, their cost is much higher as it’s the cost of a human life.

Toyota Motor Corporation has proved it doesn’t work like this anymore. Since the automaker started to equip vehicles meant for India market with safety features, the company hasn’t lost a penny but has been rising in profits. According to Bloomberg, during a period of eight months, Toyota sales in India have increased by 19 per cent while this figure in other world countries is just 5 per cent.

This demonstrates people there realize value of safety features in vehicles that have to be driven on such deadly roads. Moreover, they are ready to pay more for a safety suite in a car. Yet, the government is to sanction crash tests and airbags. It must be done as soon as possible as a rate of car accidents in India is going up constantly. As for the country accommodating 1 per cent of vehicles in the world, its rate of traffic deaths is very high – 15 per cent.

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