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Mercedes-Benz Tells About the Technologies in the E-Class

Mercedes-Benz Tells About the Technologies in the E-Class

Mercedes-Benz aims to make driving safer and more autonomous. The automaker reaps the fruits with the new E-Class, which will be launched in 2016.

In order to make a driver feel safer and more relaxed, Mercedes-Benz equipped its new E-Class auto with a range of extremely useful and often unique electronic systems, which can detect and avoid dangers on the way or warn a driver of them.

One of such features is the Intelligent Drive. Interacting with the intelligent cruise control and cameras on the car, the system automatically preserves an adequate distance to the car ahead both on highways and city roads at the speed up to 124 mph. It also provides assistance with steering, braking, and acceleration.

The Evasive Steering Assist, also installed in the car, meant to detect pedestrians on the car’s way. In such a case, the program helps a driver to pass them and resume a direction afterwards.

The Active Drive Assist warns a driver of a perilous situation on the road – a slowly moving vehicle ahead, pedestrians, stationary vehicles – and helps them with braking timely to avoid a car accident.

The Car-to-X communication, which will also be installed in the E-Class, is an automotive technology of the future, Mercedes-Benz believes. Mercedes cars’ drivers will be able to inform their colleagues (only those in Mercedes vehicles, though) about peculiarities of road conditions they’ve noticed on the way. The communication will be possible due to Daimler’s own cloud-based exchange.

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