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New Hampshire Has Prohibited Using Handheld Devices at the Wheel

New Hampshire Has Prohibited Using Handheld Devices at the Wheel

As CBS Boston reports, New Hampshire has finally banned drivers to use any handheld devices at the wheel. Under the ‘usage of handheld devices’, telephone calls, texting, laptop, tablet, and smartphone operating are meant. Having done this, the state joined another fourteen states where such a prohibition was officially imposed earlier.

A penalty system is the following. If a driver of some means of transportation violates the restriction for the first time, they’ll be imposed a $100 fine; a $250 fine is envisaged for the second offense; and $500 for the next violations within a 24-month period. Making calls via Bluetooth is permitted.

New Hampshire is the fifteenth state to ban drivers operating portable devices in the USA. Others are Connecticut, California, Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and West Virginia. Guam, Washington DC, and the Virgin Islands are also on the list. Utah and Maine’s laws cover a more general idea what distracted driving is. Meanwhile, in all fifty states, texting at the wheel contravenes the law.

A rate of automobile accidents caused by distracted driving in New Hampshire – as in other states – is high. For example, over the last four years, there have been 124 crashes caused by this factor there, while 58 per cent of them involve teenagers.

However, it’s obvious that abiding by this law (not to operate handheld devices behind the wheel) doesn’t guarantee you complete safety. According to a study conducted in California, the prohibition of using portable devices during a car travel decreased a daily rate of car accidents from 66.7 to 65.2. It means that safety is a complex notion. It was also found that although drivers realize breaking the ban can be life-threatening, they don’t want to change their behaviour.

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