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Nissan Recalls Millions of Its Vehicles with Takata Air Bags

Nissan Recalls Millions of Its Vehicles with Takata Air Bags

Nissan, along with some other automakers, has recalled millions of its autos all over the world due to a defect in air bag inflators made by Takata Corporation.

As the Nissan spokesman reported, a Takata air bag inflator caused a fire in a crashed car in Japan. Take notice that a driver sits on the right-hand side in a car in Japan. When the car was hit on the driver’s side, an inflator on the passenger’s side blew up throwing red-hot details into the dashboard that caused a fire. The driver wasn’t seriously injured except for a slightly burnt cheek. However, it remains unclear whether the exploded inflator caused this injury or something else.

It’s the first case of a Takata inflator failure in a Nissan in Japan while being the fifth in the country in total. It’s known that there have been nine similar accidents involving Nissan vehicles in the United States. Takata air bag inflator issues have made Nissan recall about 4.4 million vehicles globally with 813,000 recalled cars in Japan.

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