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Surveys Show People Approve Alt-Fuel Vehicles

Surveys Show People Approve Alt-Fuel Vehicles

Today’s state of environment, which is heavily influenced by such pollutants as hydrocarbons, lead, ozone, carbon monoxide, etc. coming out of cars’ tailpipes, urges us to reconsider our views and incline to a ‘green’ philosophy in order to save nature and ourselves.

How many people are ready to do this or have already taken corresponding measures? And what is a percentage of those who aren’t stimulated by danger of greenhouse effect approaching by leaps and bounds? Several surveys conducted can tell us this.

Visitors of the Autotrader website were asked whether alternate-fuel vehicles’ design should be different from regular cars’ or they can look the same. 51% of users replied they’d like alt-fuel vehicles be identical to ordinary cars while 17% of respondents consider that hybrids and EVs should be unique; as for 31% of visitors, design of alt-fuel autos doesn’t matter. The results of the survey are surprisingly positive as it shows that most people accept the idea of alt-fuel autos or think about purchasing one.

The Autopartswarehouse website inquired its users what their attitude towards alt-fuel and zero-emission vehicles is. 86% of respondents think EVs and hybrids are the future of the automotive industry; 55% said they’d think about acquiring one while 8% of users already have such a vehicle.

Despite people’s acceptance of EVs and hybrids, their sales have been slow this year. Experts relate it to gasoline prices drop.

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Surveys Show People Approve Alt-Fuel Vehicles
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