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The Ford F-650 Pickup Is Turned Into a Camper

The Ford F-650 Pickup Is Turned Into a Camper

EarthRoamer has expanded its modal range by representing the new XV-HD high-end camper based on the Ford F-650. The vehicle brings travelling to remote places to a new level. Going there by the XV-HD, you shouldn’t worry about safety and comfort. The camper has everything for a journey to sparsely populated places far from civilization and even more!

The XV-HD is equipped with a 6.7-litre diesel engine producing 330 hp and 983 lb-ft of torque. The PowerStroke motor is paired with the TorqShift 6-speed transmission. The electric system power is supplied from a package of cells that can be charged from solar batteries. Besides, the vehicle runs on 177 cm military off-road tires.

The camper is 10.6 m in length, 2.59 m in width, and 3.96 m in height. For comparison, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 sedan is 5.5 m in length. The camper can accommodate up to eight people in total while its sleeping berth has room for six passengers.

There are a kitchen with a fridge freezer, conditioning and heating systems, and a water heater in the camper. At extra cost, a client can also equip it with a washing machine and drying frame. The XV-HD is very cosy inside.

The EarthRoamer XV-HD production is to be launched by the end of the year.

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