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The New Alfa Romeo Is To Turn the Course of History

The New Alfa Romeo Is To Turn the Course of History

Recently, Milan has become the centre of the automobile industry. The most influential industrialists of the world have arrived at the birthplace of Alfa Romeo to attend the unveiling of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia.

It’s more than an ordinary presentation of a new car model for the company and Italians. The brand-new midsize sedan is believed to mark the renaissance of the brand. Residents of Milan – especially its senior citizens who remember Alfa Romeo production capacities having been located here – are excited with Marchionne’s idea to revive the brand they are so proud of even though it’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the FCA Italy S.p.A. now.

Marchionne isn’t content with a volume of sales of Alfa Romeo vehicles. For example, only 1,000 Alfa Romeo 4Cs were sold in the USA. He’s sure the cars have much higher potential. It prompted him to quadruple the worldwide sales, with an intention to produce about 400,000 autos by 2018, starting with the Giulia and following models. 150,000 are meant for the US, Mexico, and Canada.

However, some experts doubt successfulness of the idea. They are convinced it’s a challenge to alter people’s perception of the brand that has formed during several decades. Also, they aren’t sure Marchionne will invest such a huge sum of money in the project.

Marchionne is in more hopeful mood. He revealed that they have a secret research and development centre near Modena (Italy) where about 600 specialists have been developing the ways of restoring the ancient glory in the course of the past two years.

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The New Alfa Romeo Is To Turn the Course of History
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