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The New Clubman Is a Symbol of Mini’s Different Direction

The New Clubman Is a Symbol of Mini’s Different Direction

David Duncan, Mini’s vice president, describes the new Mini Clubman, which will go on sale the next year, as a more premium estate car compared to other Mini autos. He admits it’s a huge leap forward for the company.

The new Mini Clubman is bigger than its precursor - 12.4 inches longer and 4.5 inches wider. Such a new feature lets it attract a new category of customers – people who have a family. Now, they can consider a variant of purchasing a Mini as a family car that seemed to be ridiculous before. Duncan is sure clients will find the four-door five-passenger Clubman more practical for everyday use.

Although such a transformation is rather challenging, Mini doesn’t have another choice but to take a risk – the car’s sales have dropped by 6.9 per cent since 2013.

Michelle Krebs, Autotrader’s senior analyst, associates the drop with Mini’s insufficient model range. However, Stephanie Brinley, HIS Automotive senior analyst, considers the problem is in absence of the hierarchy. Mini offers a range of models, among which is a convertible, coupe, SUV, and a roadster, but all of them are of the same size. Introducing larger autos with more features can make Mini more profitable. The automaker will be able to compete with compacts from a luxurious cars segment such as the Audi A3 and the Mercedes CLA.

The Mini changes its philosophy in order to adjust to the needs of the contemporary society still preserving key features that mark its cars out from a stream of traffic (round headlights, for example). The new Mini Clubman is just the beginning.

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