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The U.S. Is Going to Develop Its Lithium-Ion Battery Industry to Compete with Today’s Leaders

The U.S. Is Going to Develop Its Lithium-Ion Battery Industry to Compete with Today’s Leaders

Electric vehicles production gains momentum. This type of vehicles doesn’t seem brought from the distant future anymore. On the contrary, more and more people manifest a desire to own an EV. With such a tendency preserved, someday it’ll become the mainstream in the automotive industry.

However, a complete change of ordinary, gasoline vehicles to electric ones remains just a dream as it entails a number of challenges such as creating a network of recharging stations and lithium-ion battery cells plants.

At the moment, the largest battery plants are in Japan, South Korea, and China, which make 79 per cent of the world’s lithium-ion cell production. Still, experts don’t exclude such a possibility that the list can be supplemented by one more player. The Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Centre affirms the United States has a chance to dominate in lithium-ion cell industry in the Western Hemisphere. If the States implement planned projects successfully, capacity of their battery plants will increase from 7.3 to 32 per cent of the global total.

Obviously, it’ll take much time and efforts for the USA to reach the same level in battery manufacturing as the aforementioned countries did – it doesn’t have much experience and reliable partners as they do. Besides, employment costs rate is much higher there than in the Asian countries. However, specialists ensure that due to reduced material expenditures, the U.S. can be a powerful rival.

Lithium-ion battery industry is very promising. It’s estimated to be worth of $9 billion in 2014. If scientists aren’t mistaken, its value will fly up to $14.3 billion by the end of the decade.

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