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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo has been always known for the production of nontrivial vehicles. Its latest addition to the convertible series is an eloquent evidence of this. Besides, this Italian-made sports masterpiece enjoys an increasing popularity in the North-American market. Let’s see from Alfa Romeo 4C Spider review what kind of benefits each daredevil customer might hope for.


The 4C Spider comes out at the price tag of more/less $65.495 – the proof of being a sports-oriented car. Similar to its coupe colleague, it is equipped with 1.75 L four-cylinder turbocharged engine (all-aluminum). The engine is accompanied by a 6-speed twin-clutch gearbox that transits power to the rear wheels via an electronic slip differential. In keeping with the manufacturer, the Spider is faster than the main rivals – Porsche Cayman and Boxter, - developing the speed up to 60 mph for just 4.1 seconds (ultimate speed limit – 160 mph).

Bodywork & Saloon

Alfa Romeo has paid much attention to the bodywork (as always). Its key peculiarity is the availability of a removable targa which covers both the driver and the passenger. The top is made of a cloth – however, customers can give preference to carbon fiber. The monocoque doesn’t require any stiffening when the top is removed.

The frontal part of the body accommodates a dual wishbone suspension, whereas the rear one has got MacPherson struts. The body is housed on 18-inch/19-inch (at the front and the back respectively) Pirelli P-Zero tyres. The windshield frame is made of a carbon fiber, while the rear halo is all about a lightweight material.

The 4C Spider saloon does not differ too much from its coupe counterpart. The cabin is comfortable and accurate. The floor is covered with a carbon fiber. This model is void of armrests – a neglect that might seem weird for fastidious customers. The frame fits fine. In addition, there is a possibility for drivers with a considerable height to put the seat at the backstop. Getting into the car is trouble-free, whatever top position is chosen.

Driving Experience

To continue with Alfa Romeo 4C Spider review, it’s necessary to describe the feelings one might get while driving this Italian convertible. Hence, the first thing a driver enjoys is a non-assisted manual steering that stipulates little taxing on parallel parking. The vehicle is rather sensitive to all on-road drawbacks (grooves, asperities, etc.).

The model boasts a DNA switch that adjusts the powertrain in three different modes: natural, all-weather and dynamic. It tunes the work of an engine, a differential and a transmission just to provide enough power on different driving conditions. The driver might feel the full potential of the 4C Spider turbo power when the indicator needle achieves 2500 RPM.

On low revs the car emits deep and rattling sounds which might appear to be importunity; on the contrary, on high revs the driver will hardly notice any bothersome sounds. Moreover, the first test-drives demonstrated how loud the model can be at constant high speeds.

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