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2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Test Drive

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600

Mercedes and Maybach… Two automakers that created the first vehicles in the world to change the history of humanity once and for all. Today, they collaborate to introduce the most luxurious as well as high-tech cars ever.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class was unveiled a couple of hours apart at the Los Angeles Auto Show and Auto Guangzhou, in its main markets – the USA and China.

Exterior and Interior

Compared to other S-Class representatives, overall length and wheelbase of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 are extended by 8 inches. It makes it about 18 feet long with curb weight of 5,300 pounds.

The rear doors are shortened by 2.6 inches, so vibration is decreased. During the Mercedes-Maybach S600 test drive, we couldn’t get rid of the impression we had plugs in our ears – so quiet the car was.

The S600 is all about passengers’ comfort. After inspecting its precursor, the S550 model, it may seem that there isn’t more magnificent cabin in the world until you get in the S600’s where every detail looks like an art work.

The S600 can be used instead of a private jet when one travels at short distance. When you sit in reclining back seats, you’re overwhelmed with a feeling you’re on board of an airplane travelling as a first- or business-class passenger.

It’s a 5-seater.The front seat can be moved forward to provide a passenger in the right rear seat with even more space. Both rear seats can be inclined by 19-43.5 degrees to be adjusted to your position. Besides, they have a power-rising calf support and adjustable bolsters.

Cup holders, which are between the rear seats in the aft centre console, can both heat and cool beverages. But who cares about cup holders if there are two custom-made silver flutes and refrigerator (optional). If you need to work or want to watch a film, draw out a little table from the console and place a laptop here.

Driving Performance

The S600 is equipped with a 6-litre 36-valve twin turbo 612 lb-ft V12 engine and has 523 horses under the bonnet. Due to it, the auto accelerates to 60 mph just in 5 seconds.

Be careful. You can miss the moment when you reach the maximum speed (155 mph is the limit). As the Mercedes-Maybach S600 test drive proved, the car runs so smoothly and quietly that it’s hard to believe the V12 powers it. Although the S600 doesn’t overcome the Rolls Phantom according to this parameter, it can also make the outside world disappear.

The S600 is available only with 7-speed transmission.

Yes, the S600 is equipped with powerful electronics and up-to-date systems. Still, it isn’t an appropriate auto to try to negotiate the corner at speed.

Special Features

Surely, safety issues were considered when building the S600. Thus, it reacts to approaching obstacles by coming to a stop or braking hard. Also, it has adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist system, and active parking assist.

Apart from this, the model has a panoramic roof, Nappa leather interior, refrigerator in the rear console, and ambient lighting. There’s a special audio system: a passenger in the front seat doesn’t have to turn their head to converse with those in the back; a microphone by the rear-view mirror makes their voice heard in the speakers.

The Verdict

Undoubtedly, if you can afford such a luxurious car, you’re a lucky dog. It has everything you need and even more no matter whether you’re at its wheel or in a passenger’s seat.

It’s somewhat difficult to evaluate this S-class model because you subconsciously draw a parallel with the S550. However, while comparing, you can clearly see the S600’s advantages and improvements. Among them, there are incredibly quiet cabin, easy acceleration, and enormously comfortable seats.

If to compare with the S550, the price for the S600 also looks like an absolute advantage (it starts at $190,000). It’s much cheaper than the Bentley Flying Spur or Rolls-Royce Ghost. Taking into consideration its characteristics, this auto is totally worth it.

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