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Audi A5 Test Drive

Audi A5

The Audi A5 is a luxurious car available as the Coupe, Cabriolet, and the Sportback. Did the Germans manage to preserve the unique charisma created by Walter de Silva or did they focus on improving the car’s technical characteristics putting style on the back burner?

Exterior & Interior

Beginning the Audi A5 test drive, its elegance both outside and inside caught the eye at once. It deserves to be called one of the most beautiful luxurious autos nowadays. Personally for Walter de Silva, its designer, it’s the most appealing car he has created. In the A5, classic features are successfully combined with innovative ones that make the auto truly unique. At the first glance, it may seem to cost much more than it really does.

The interior of the A5 is elegant with a business note present. Materials and trimming are of the German quality with the coat of the German pragmatism. A driver and front-seat passenger will definitely be very comfortable in their seats. However, it doesn’t concern two other passengers who sit in the back unless they are children or teenagers. In the back, there isn’t enough room for tall people. Also, it must be difficult for them to climb in and out of there.

Cargo space is quite enough. A square boot makes 455 litres in a coupe; with the rear seats folded, its capacity augments to 829 litres. It’s a great result for a sports coupe, isn’t it?

Driving Performance

The A5 comes with a 2-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes 220 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It’s rather powerful but its performance cannot be called the best if to compare with other motors. Low-speed and in-gear acceleration are strong, throttle is firm. Although the engine may be somewhat noisy at the top of its rev range, it’s mostly quiet and smooth.

All the A5 models have the same all-wheel drive but different transmissions depending on a body style chosen. The A5 Coupe comes with either 8-speed automatic (60 mph are reached in 6.6 seconds) or 6-speed manual gear box (60 mph are reached in 6.4 seconds). The A5 Cabriolet offers 8-speed automatic transmission depriving buyers of the right of choice.

For the Audi A5, comfort is the priority. Its Drive Select system implies electronically controlled steering, transmission, suspension, and throttle response. Electric power steering let save 0.3 litre per 100 km on average depending on the version.

Thick C-pillars contribute to the car’s attractive exterior at the cost of good rear visibility.

The A5 is well insulated. While driving at high speeds, passengers can converse without raising their voices. Its audio system is marvellous. Its clear and deep sound gives an impression you’re really in a studio or at a concert. However, the infotainment system in the A5 needs adaptation. For example, we didn’t manage to get used to it in the course of a week while carrying out the Audi A5 test drive.

The Verdict

The Audi A5 is special: it’s appropriate for everyday use but it also can increase your level of adrenaline to the max whenever you’d like. The A5 is one of the most beautiful cars in its class with incredible audio system, smooth and quiet performance, and a roomy boot. However, there can be some problems with accommodation. While a front-seat passenger enjoys a journey, those in the back (if they are adults) must feel differently. Thick C-pillars make the car look gracious at the cost of good rear visibility.

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