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How to Select an Appropriate Car Fridge

Devotees of caravanning, long-distance truckers and families which adore picnics in the countryside know for sure that a reliable refrigerator is a must-have in every vehicle. Its criticality is undeniable, since it saves the travelers from food/drinks storage issues and makes the voyage extremely comfortable.

Safety Tips on Taking a Night Drive

I won’t discover America by saying that driving at night is dangerous. Though, it’s always possible to secure your trip by sticking to a few fundamentals. Learning them will make your travel/commuting a pleasure, void of unpleasant issues.

Signs to Instantly Change the Brake Pads

Braking system is one of the key nodes in a vehicle. It ensures that the driver could stop the car immediately just to prevent collision or running into a pedestrian. Due to this reason, it would be a crying thing to neglect changing the brake pads. What are the signs witnessing about their wear? How to choose the proper pads?

Smart Fuel-Saving Tips for Provident Drivers

Oil makes the world go round. This statement is true, at least, for car owners who know for sure that moving headway would be impossible without fuel. Unfortunately, fuel price is continuously rising; thus, the vitality of taking economy measures does not (and will not) vanish from the agenda.

Tips on Preparing a Car for Winter Challenges

Summer is a proper time to prepare your beloved 4-wheel daredevil for winter driving. Neglecting special preparation might leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere during snowstorm or ice-slick. Hence, make a mental note of the activities to implement in order not to be trapped by nasty winter surprises.

Tips on Selecting the Safest Car Alarm System

Opting for an effective security system is the first thing to realize as soon as you buy a vehicle. The popular saying states that it’s possible to fit a key to any lock. Indeed, no system can guarantee a 100% protection for a car, although it undoubtedly gives thieves a hard time. Thus, how to select the most efficient alarm for your 4-wheel assistant?

How to Choose an Appropriate Booster Seat

Child’s safety is a primary goal of all parents while driving. Due to this, it’s required that each vehicle should be equipped with a dedicated booster seat. Frankly speaking, considerate folks are frequently lost in the variety of solutions. Here are some tips on how to opt for an appropriate chair for a kid.

Fighting Over Drowsiness While Driving

Drowsiness is one of the key reasons which trigger road accidents. When a driver is sleepy, his/her brain activity (as well as reaction) slacks, resulting in inadvertency and poor steering. Hence, what can a person do to fight slumberous feeling?

Does Your Car Need Dedicated Winter Tires?

Misconceptions relating to car tires pop up all over. One of the most crying delusions is that a vehicle can run on 4-season/summer tires on freezing conditions. It’s definitely not true! Your ‘wheels’ do need a dedicated winter kit consisting of 5 (4 main + a spare one) in order to withstand all pranks of snow, sleet and frost.

Choosing Between Hydraulic & Electric Power Steering

Modern cars are all about technology. In fact, each and every option integrated within the chassis is called to facilitate a person in a driving technique. Hydraulic power steering (HPS) is probably the most outstanding invention a human-being could elaborate. It is called to increase the force which is transferred by a driver from the steering wheel to the wheels.

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