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Changing a Flat Tire with No Trouble

No one is impervious to minor road incidents, however prudent he/she is. A flat tire is probably the most common occurrence that overtakes each driver at least once in a lifetime. Therefore, whether you are a novice or a professional with many years of driving experience, it’s necessary to learn how to change a flat tire, just in case a fitting service is far off.

Beginner’s Guide: Starting the Car in Subzero Weather

One winter morning you may find yourself in a disastrous situation: your car won’t start. What’s the worst that could be! Well, don’t panic and try to revive the 4-wheel companion by fulfilling a few ingenuous action steps. First of all, turn on all accessories (a radio player, a heater), including headlamps, once getting into the cabin.

A Word of Advice to Keeping Away from Car Theft

Whatever sophisticated a signal sound system is installed in your vehicle, be sure that a skillful thief will force open it within a matter of minutes. In order to avoid car theft, it is highly recommended that you should take additional security measures.

Act Like a Professional: Changing Motor Oil and Filter All Alone

Your car is more than just a heap of metal. It’s a living body that requires regular maintenance. Changing motor oil alongside oil filter is probably a primary service activity to keep the vehicle running properly for a long time. Each manufacturer stipulates individual requirements for a particular model as for the changing intervals.

A 9-Step Used Car Inspection: Tips for Credulous Buyers

As distinct from new cars, pre-owned ones usually appear to be rather cost-efficient. Due to this, there is small wonder that budget-oriented customers opt for second-hand solutions. Nonetheless, efficiency is not equal to high quality. How to distinguish between a 4-wheel treasure and a trash? Here is a 19-step guide on inspecting a used vehicle for serviceability.

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