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A Word of Advice to Keeping Away from Car Theft

A Word of Advice to Keeping Away from Car Theft

Whatever sophisticated a signal sound system is installed in your vehicle, be sure that a skillful thief will force open it within a matter of minutes. In order to avoid car theft, it is highly recommended that you should take additional security measures.

First of all, do not glue signaling system stickers on the windshield, however safe it might seem. Quite the contrary, such stickers become a source of information which abusers will use to twoc.

Do not leave the car running unattended even for a while. The plotter will benefit even from a few seconds just to take the vehicle safely.

Do not put valuables (money, documents, jewels, gadgets) as well as bright accessories in plain view, since they serve bait for burglars. Even if there is nothing precious in your bag, the thief will consider it a treasure. As a result, you'll be left with a broken window and unexpected expenses.

Make sure to close all windows and a sunroof when you’re out. Even the tiniest opening dramatically facilitates the intruder in coping with unlocking.

Do not leave the keys in the ignition lock under no circumstances. A lot of indiscreet drivers leave the keys in plain view when they go out to open the luggage boot, for example. This is a perfect moment for a thief to overtake the automobile.

Make it a habit to park in built-up lighted areas, in front of houses, in driveways or in secure car parks. The trespassers won’t dare approach a vehicle in crowded places. They are more inclined to steal 4-wheel daredevils from underground park zones, apartment building porches, unguarded garages, and other unfrequented areas.

Finally, if you fall victim to an artful malefactor, don’t try to stop him by blocking his way with a human shield. Feel certain that he will pancake you and flee the scene. Your life and health are undoubtedly more essential.

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