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Choosing Between Hydraulic & Electric Power Steering

Choosing Between Hydraulic & Electric Power Steering

Modern cars are all about technology. In fact, each and every option integrated within the chassis is called to facilitate a person in a driving technique. Hydraulic power steering (HPS) is probably the most outstanding invention a human-being could elaborate. It is called to increase the force which is transferred by a driver from the steering wheel to the wheels.

You can argue that HPS is the most progressive steering technology, since nowadays a lion’s share of new makes comes equipped with electric power steering (EPS). What is the difference between the two? Should you opt for HPS or EPS?

Systems with a hydraulic assistant consist of a steering gear with a cavity divided into two chambers. A sealed piston, fixed to the rack, serves a divisor. In order to provide for a necessary degree of force, a special fluid is applied on one side of the piston; this fluid returns to the other side of the piston, ensuring a considerable steering assistance.

As far as EPS is concerned, these systems use an additional electric motor that is fixed to the rack. The motor drives a ball-screw mechanism which, in its turn, engages a spiral cut. Besides, a dedicated torque sensor gives signal to the integrated computer when to enable assistance.

The privileges of electric power steering might be seen via the prism of three aspects: functionality, dimensions and affordability. As distinct from hydraulic counterparts, electric systems are equipped with an automatic readjustment of steering modes. This option is especially beneficial in fuel-injection vehicles, since it makes accurate calculation on how much fuel to provide, enhancing total efficiency of the engine.

In addition, EPS boasts the possibility to get deactivated when there is no need in assistance. Thus, it provides for a significant reduction in fuel consumption. Small-sized dimensions allow for its mounting as on the rack, so on the steering column – such localization promotes for a quick access whenever the driver requires.

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