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Fighting Over Drowsiness While Driving

Fighting Over Drowsiness While Driving

Drowsiness is one of the key reasons which trigger road accidents. When a driver is sleepy, his/her brain activity (as well as reaction) slacks, resulting in inadvertency and poor steering. Hence, what can a person do to fight slumberous feeling?

Well, the first obvious viable method is sleeping. Yes, you heard it right: when you are asleep, take a nap; 10-15 minutes will be enough to restore bodily functions for a couple of hours.

The next tip on fighting over drowsiness in a car is breaking a sweat. Go out from the vehicle, come and go, squat, flourish arms, rotate your body and head, jump a bit. Those unsophisticated physical activities will send away the sleep for some time.

To continue, when you feel sleepy but can’t stop over, wipe your face with a wet nap. It will serve a refreshing shot. If you can stop, wash the face with cold water or snow. It will invigorate cerebral blood supply and revitalize all bodily functions.

Drink energizing shots or beverages containing caffeine. Take tiny slurps of coffee/tea to keep your body awake.

Fresh cool air is probably the best exhilarant on the move. Once you feel overwhelmed and drowsy, open the side window – let the fresh air saturate the brain with oxygen. On hot summer days it would be sensible not to open the window; instead, keep the temperature in the cabin cool (due to air conditioner).

Despite being rather dangerous (or even illegal), eat some food while driving. Eat sunflower seeds, nuts, snacks, fruits… and other goodies which activate fine motor skills.

Finally, keep safe by listening to your favorite (or, vice versa, loveless) music. Sing along with popular tunes, share your thoughts remotely with radio presenters, etc. If there are passengers in a vehicle, have a chat with them, discuss future plans or run back some remarkable past events. This way you’ll stay vivacious for a long haul.

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