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How to Choose an Appropriate Booster Seat

How to Choose an Appropriate Booster Seat

Child’s safety is a primary goal of all parents while driving. Due to this, it’s required that each vehicle should be equipped with a dedicated booster seat. Frankly speaking, considerate folks are frequently lost in the variety of solutions. Here are some tips on how to opt for an appropriate chair for a kid.

Each booster seat must correspond to the following criteria:

- utmost safety;

- convenience;

- friendliness to health and environment;

- modern design.

First of all, the chair should totally comply with basic national/international safety standards. The availability of a marking with a special designation is a proof of conformity. The next thing to consider is dimensions of the seat. All existing booster seats fall into 5 major categories, depending on the child’s age and weight: newborns up to 10 kg, 1-4 years old up to 18 kg, 4-7 years old up to 25 kg, and 7-10 years old up to 36 kg.

Another safety measure is fixture. The chair should have a set of fixtures, like Isofix, to be mounted on the passenger seat. The backrest and side supporters must fit the kid’s height, while safety belts should be tight against the body. In addition, the construction should not have any metallic or edgy details which can hurt the baby.

It goes without saying that the seat must be made of high-quality, eco-/health-friendly materials (allergy proof, toxins proof, etc.).

To continue, apart from safety, the child should feel comfortable in his/her chair (both lying and sitting). Take an offspring with you to test the unit before buying, since even the most advanced solution might appear to be inconvenient.

Finally, the booster chair should match a vehicle’s design and construction. Luckily, a variety of models allows purchasing a unit of any color and framework. Moreover, it’s always possible to check whether the seat fits the trim before the deal is closed.

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