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How to Select an Appropriate Car Fridge

How to Select an Appropriate Car Fridge

Devotees of caravanning, long-distance truckers and families which adore picnics in the countryside know for sure that a reliable refrigerator is a must-have in every vehicle. Its criticality is undeniable, since it saves the travelers from food/drinks storage issues and makes the voyage extremely comfortable.

How to decide on an appropriate car fridge? What types of items are there in the market?

First and foremost, before buying a refrigerator, decide on what you actually look for.

1. Compartments. Think over whether you need just a cooler, a freezer or both;

2. Size. Measure your vehicle, think of the most optimal site for the cooler. Estimate how much food stuff you’re going to take on different occasions.

3. Type of power supply. If your car runs on gas and your usual voyages are hundreds/thousands-of-miles-long, it would be sensible to choose a gas-charged item; in case you go to the country once in a while, opt for a solution with a standalone (integrated/external) battery.

4. Functionality. Decide on whether you need electronic temperature controls or bundles with ice will be enough.

To continue, once you make the abovementioned considerations, acquaint yourself with all existing types of car refrigerators. In fact, there are several fridge classifications. Therefore, as far as localization is concerned, all coolers fall into external and inbuilt. In respect to the type of cooling, they fall into compressor, thermoelectric and absorption.

Compressor fridges entail a coolant (Freon) that changes its aggregate condition from liquid to gasiform. They are able to permanently maintain temperature up to -20 C, running similar to traditional home fridges. Their key advantages are: limitless capacity, low heat retention and efficiency.

Thermoelectric cooling is based on Peltier effect, ensuring as cooling (up to -24 C), so heating (up to +60 C) functions. These refrigerators boast shockproof features, providing nearly noiseless operation.

Finally, absorption coolers run on aqua ammonia mixture, achieving the necessary temperature by means of electricity or gas. Their basic privileges are: large volume (24-140 L), variation in power supply and longevity of freezing.

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