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Signs to Instantly Change the Brake Pads

Signs to Instantly Change the Brake Pads

Braking system is one of the key nodes in a vehicle. It ensures that the driver could stop the car immediately just to prevent collision or running into a pedestrian. Due to this reason, it would be a crying thing to neglect changing the brake pads. What are the signs witnessing about their wear? How to choose the proper pads?

First and foremost, do not save on brake pads on any occasion. A miser pays twice. Worn-out components might damage the disk or the friction sheave. This might result in the increase of braking path and a tardy stop. Secondly, if you are driving predominantly in city, make it a habit to regularly check the braking system. Heavy traffic, jams and poor roads accelerate wearing of pads.

Thirdly, the life cycle of brake pads depends on two factors: materials of construction and driving habits. When the cycle comes to an end, a dedicated wear sensor, installed on the dashboard, sets the corresponding signal. If the sensor keeps silent for a long time, check the brakes independently. With this aim in view, look through the brake supports, integrated within the wheels. In case the pads are too worn-out (less than 5 mm in depth), it’s time you acquired new ones.

NB! Sensor malfunctions might be triggered by dust, corrosion or acidification within the sockets.

While choosing appropriate pads, take note of the following aspects:

- Quality. Buy only from legitimate vendors with a good reputation. Check the trademark and specifications of the pads;

- Friction material. As usual, brakes are attached to the metal backplate by means of a riveted or bolted friction material. In the first case the fixture is realized via riveting by high-strength rivets; in the second case – via bolting with an adhesive;

- Driving conditions. The choice of brakes would depend on whether you ride in city, off-road, mountainous areas, in freezing or blazing weather conditions, etc. The tougher the driving conditions, the more obsolete the pads.

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