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Tips on Selecting the Safest Car Alarm System

Tips on Selecting the Safest Car Alarm System

Opting for an effective security system is the first thing to realize as soon as you buy a vehicle. The popular saying states that it’s possible to fit a key to any lock. Indeed, no system can guarantee a 100% protection for a car, although it undoubtedly gives thieves a hard time. Thus, how to select the most efficient alarm for your 4-wheel assistant?

There are four aspects you should take care about while choosing: sensors, sirens, LEDs, and additional features.

Currently, the majority of entry-level alarm systems come with door sensors only. They protect the automobile from the intrusion through the doors; however, it’s rather easy for burglars to get inside by breaking a window.

In this light, it is highly recommended to opt for a solution with other types of sensors. For instance, movement detectors actuate when a thief tries to rock the vehicle, whereas pressure sensors in combination with a microphone respond to the noise (i.e. the noise of a breaking window). The most sensitive are motion detectors - they respond to any motion close by a car and sometimes give a false positive alarm, for example, in case of a strong wind or circling foliage.

The next step is to choose an appropriate siren. Its key predestination is to scare away the thief, so it would be sensible to select the unit with adjustable volume settings. In fact, there are some sirens which are installed inside the saloon; as a result, the trespasser finds it painful to get in.

Nearly all security systems come equipped with LED indicators. They tell the offenders that the vehicle is armed. As usual, LEDs are installed on the windshield just to draw attention.

Finally, it’s a good practice to acquire an alarm system with expandability options. Such solutions ensure the locking of a gearbox or an immobilizer simultaneously providing for some additional protection features: window control, door lock control, remote start, etc.

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Tips on Selecting the Safest Car Alarm System
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